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Some New Pages

There are some new pages on our site today. We have just put up pages relating to Illinois or Idaho education opportunities.

Interested in enrolling at college in one of these states? These pages consider that.

Visitors interested in a vocational diploma and training for a quick career may find some good possibilities here.

Many of these training programs take just one year or so to finish.

Readers could take a look at those pages here — ID Classes or IL Classes.

We would be interested in hearing about any previous experience you might have with taking classes at any of these colleges.

Latest Two Pages

Each state has options in regards to education and career training opportunities, today we are talking about Delaware and Connecticut.

We now have pages for DE and CT education options.

These pages discuss some of the local trade schools, vocational training programs and community colleges.

A qualified school counselor might be the right person to show you if their university is the best alternative for you. They will tell you all of the details of their university.

You could find more from those pages by clicking on either of these links: DE Careers or CT Careers

If you would like to share your quick review of your previous experience with any of these institutions, we would be interested in reading about it.

Two New Pages

I have introduced some pages this morning.

Arizona Schools and Alaska Schools are what these latest posts are called.

We expect that local residents of those states could use these pages to find out a lot more about education and job training and will makes use of the links on this page to help look at a few possible colleges to consider.

One benefit of these pages is the form which allows visitors to quickly get more information from schools they are looking into. Readers have the power to decide to allow admission officers to get in touch with them with details about their college.

On these state school lists, there are old-fashioned campus universities in addition to online schools.

You could get started in working towards a new diploma by going to one of those pages now — AZ schools or AK schools.

Our website and also our readers would be interested in reading about your earlier experiences at any school in either of these states.

First State Page

We have our first new state page up.

We are working alphabetically, so, if you are playing along at home, that first state is Alabama.

You can visit AL schools here.


New Site Update

We have been working on our site and have just made a major update to the look and operation of the site.

We are moving the site onto a WordPress platform.

The pages will be moving over (somewhat slowly) over the next couple of months.

Any comments or if you see something you like — let us know.